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An elegant tie is an addition to a suit that should be in the wardrobe of every man. It is an obligatory element of clothing for special and solemn occasions, as well as important professional meetings. There can be hundreds of reasons to wear it, so it's worth having different ties in your closet for many different occasions. For this reason, we offer you a wide selection of carefully sewn ties.

How to choose a tie

Always choose a tie for your shirt! It is she who is the main background for this accessory and it is under her collar that you tie it. A good practice is color matching, consisting in a contrasting combination of both elements of clothing. In other words, choose darker ties for light shirts, and lighter shirts for dark shirts. The exception here is a black shirt, to which the tie should be black. Are these the only guidelines you should pay attention to?

What ties fit a suit?

In addition to fitting to the shirt, pay attention to the rest of the clothing. The tie can be color-matched to the suit, it can also be slightly lighter or darker than it. The exception is very light suits, to which you should wear a darker tie. However, there is no obstacle to the tie having to be matched with the pattern of a jacket or vest. On the contrary, the elegant pattern of the tie in a properly selected color, will perfectly distinguish you. And if tying a tie is difficult for you, be sure to check out our blog and learn how to tie a tie.

Wide range of ties for every occasion

Luma Milanówek is a company that has been providing its customers with elegant men's ties for many years. We sew them in Poland from high quality materials, such as silk or microfiber. We work with talented graphic designers who create beautiful patterns, which then decorate our ties. By giving you a wide choice, you have the opportunity to easily match the tie to the outfit for any occasion. Therefore, regardless of whether you need a tie every day or for a special occasion, you will find it in our store.