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Jewelry with amber

Amber jewelery is a continuing trend of decorating your body and accentuating your outfits. Both those particularly elegant and everyday, stylish combinations. Make sure it is in your wardrobe and emphasize your personality.

How amber is made?

Amber is an unusual mineral that was created from the resin of conifers that were growing around 40 million years ago. It is mined in opencast mines on the shores of the Baltic Sea, although there are also fishermen who dive and extract sediment from the bottom, which they search in search of it. This mineral, difficult to extract, is therefore very noble and often becomes a jewelery decoration, which many elegant ladies have in their wardrobe.

Artistic jewelry with amber

Noble amber is a luxurious material that is used to decorate necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and other types of jewelry. Many women appreciate his appearance and decide to wear it with their stylish styling. The shades of amber yellow blend beautifully with gold or silver. In Luma Milanówek you will find many items in which we use this unusual stone. For example scarves, which are elegantly decorated with silk scarves. Choose amber jewelery for yourself or give it to someone as a gift.