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From the tale of a silk thread - Chopin and his life


How long can you stare at a piece of silk? A glance is not enough when we are talking about a unique scarf, which is a tribute to the most outstanding Polish composer and pianist - Fryderyk Chopin. This scarf is an invitation to contemplate the life and work of an artist loved by the whole world. By analyzing, detail by detail, the motifs included in the project by the talented illustrator Beata Dyszkiewicz-Dziadak, which were transferred to the highest quality silk from Milanówek, we remember or learn the most characteristic facts related to the entire life of the "Piano Poet". It is both an absorbing adventure and a lesson presenting the figure of a musical genius who lives not only in our memory. He secured immortality through his music. His mazurkas, polonaises, nocturnes, etudes and other compositions still resonate in the most prestigious concert halls, in temples and in the privacy of private homes of music lovers and lovers of high culture.

A silk scarf may be the hallmark of those who are particularly close to Chopin's work. His works are synonymous with Polishness, going far beyond the merely musical sphere. These melodies united Poles in important moments, gave events a patriotic meaning, poured comfort into hearts and talked about the Polish soul. Music that remains Poland's ambassador in the world to this day. Chopin lives in us, which we can emphasize in various ways. One of them is a silk scarf filled with meanings and motifs from his life.

Chopin gave his heart to Poland. Finally, it was buried in the church of St. Cross in Warsaw. What is extremely moving, his heart in the literal sense - the national holiness of Poles, was hidden during the war in our Milanówek, in the rectory of the parish of St. Jadwiga. They were stored in a glass vessel in a black box and a wooden box.

“Warsaw was burning, Warsaw was fighting, and nearby here in Milanówek there was silence... and sometimes Poles and Germans came to bow to Chopin's heart... There were also times when someone played his music on the piano. And this terrible contrast... there is the tragedy of Warsaw, and here the silence of Milanówek and Chopin and his heart" (words of Bishop Modzelewski during the solemn Holy Mass on the day of consecration of the commemorative plaque on October 19, 1986).

Chopin finds a special place in the national identity of Poland as a whole, but also of Milanówek individually, leaving his mark on this city. He was also born nearby - in Żelazowa Wola, just 40 km from Milanówek.