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An expressive and fashionable accessory that will accentuate your style? A men's scarf is perfect for this role. Both on a daily basis and in slightly less informal situations. However, you need to know a few rules about when and how to wear a scarf.

When to wear a men's scarf?

Men's scarves, the so-called Men's cravats perfectly accentuate an informal outfit. They are the equivalent of a tie or bow tie worn with a formal suit without a scarf. The men's scarf looks great in combination with a dark jacket and a light shirt and perfectly highlights the everyday styling of an elegant man. You can wear it at work and for casual cocktail meetings. You can also combine a men's cravat with an elegant polo shirt or linen shirt when you want to cover your neckline. When choosing it, remember about the appropriate color combination and avoid duplicating patterns, for example a checked shirt combined with a checked scarf.

How to tie a men's scarf

How to tie a men's scarf? There are several ways. Its square shape allows you to, among other things, roll it into a roll or fold it into a triangle. Soft, delicate to the touch and durable material such as silk will allow you complete freedom in tying it.

Men's silk cravat

The men's scarf is made of high-quality silk, which ensures the material is soft and delicate. The men's scarf does not scratch or electrify. It cools in summer and warms in winter. Men's cravat is available in many beautiful and fashionable patterns.