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Pocket squares

You know what that little pocket on the lapel is called? Didn't you know it got a name? It is a breeze - a pocket created for a pocket square, i.e. a small decorative scarf, which adds elegance and emphasizes the representative character of the outfit. Although it is most often used on special occasions, many of the designs in our store are also suitable for everyday use. How to choose a pocket square for a suit?

Suit pocket square

Undoubtedly, pocket squares are a great complement to men's suits. They perfectly emphasize the solemnity of many celebrations, including your own wedding. These most important events in life require a unique setting. Therefore, the pocket squares themselves must be unique. For such circumstances, it is worth wearing elegant silk or microfiber pocket squares. You can also choose linen and wool on a daily basis.

How to choose a pocket square?

How to choose a tie pocket square? The pocket square fits perfectly with the tie. Therefore, if you have already chosen a tie, always choose the pocket square with the tie. You can follow two rules here, but each of them concerns color. Match it with a color similar to the color of the tie or in contrast. In the latter case, be careful not to use colors that are not in your outfit. Also remember that you don't always have to have a tie to fold a pocket square - do you want to look avant-garde? Open the collar and slide the pocket square into the breast pocket.

Pocket squares for a suit - an addition of an elegant man

In our store you will find many types of pocket squares for everyday and special occasions. All of them are sewn in Poland, from the best fabrics, imported straight from Italy. Add style and elegance to your outfit and impress with your appearance. Pay attention to the unique music collection that will make you stand out.