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Why is merino wool so special?

First of all, thanks to the weather conditions in which merino wool has learned to live, it has natural thermoregulatory properties, which means that merino wool clothes can be worn all year round (they protect against cold and overheating). Additionally, merino wool is biodegradable and protects against harmful UVA and UVB radiation, which has been scientifically confirmed. Importantly, merino wool can breathe on its own, having hygroscopic properties and is great at handling moisture that it absorbs and releases from the air. You can easily remove water particles from it. By removing moisture from its surface, it can cool our body and also use moisture from the air, thus warming us up on warm days. Additionally, merino wool has antibacterial properties and eliminates unpleasant odors. Its fibers do not absorb unpleasant odors and are resistant to bacteria, so this extraordinary wool is always pleasant. Merino wool is also resistant to dirt, its fibers are covered with a protective layer that protects the wool from attracting dirt and absorbing stains. Additionally, it does not have electrostatic charges and does not stick to other materials. Merino wool is very durable and durable: it retains its color for a long time and shows no signs of use even after many years. Thanks to its elasticity, it retains its shape and prevents the material from stretching. It is also worth mentioning that merino wool is exceptionally soft to the touch. All this means that once we get acquainted with a merino wool product, we immediately fall in love with it and want it to stay in our homes and wardrobes forever.