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"Shining with the colors of the rainbow, airy as a mist, sensual as the essence of desire." Silk. The most luxurious natural fiber used to make fine fabrics, incl. such as: satin, twill, crepe, georgette, jacquard. The natural hypoallergenic nature of silk is its important feature, which makes it an ideal proposition for people with sensitive skin, prone to allergies. Very strong, has thermoregulatory properties.

Luma Milanówek is a Polish company, located at Jedwabna street in Milanówek, which from the beginning of its existence has been providing customers with the highest quality products from natural raw materials. From the beginning of its operation, the company is located opposite the former Natural Silk Plant in Milanówek - the first silk factory in Europe, where silk fabrics were produced until around the mid-90s.

The Luma Milanówek brand, combining tradition and modern design, offers its customers the highest quality silk products: scarves, scarves, ties, pocket squares and impressions.

However, the success and recognition of the silks from Milan are due in particular to the work of the painters. Our artist-painters create beautiful patterns on silk fabrics with great care. Exclusive silk haberdashery, made thanks to extraordinary craftsmanship, is the flagship product of our company.

We offer products made of passion and love for beautiful and unique things. We combine casual with timeless classics and elegance. Chic, attention to detail and careful finishing are the motto of our brand.

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