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Safety nowadays is essential. The obligation to cover the nose and mouth applies not only in enclosed spaces, but also in public spaces, and therefore it is often difficult and difficult for us to withstand in masks, especially multi-layered ones, which are known to provide better protection. Luma Milanówek, meeting the situation, found a great solution – silk masks. They are made of the highest quality 100% natural silk. They perfectly adapt to the face and above all perfectly allow the skin to breathe. Such "breathable masks" is the hit of the season. Thanks to the fact that the silk fabric is hygroscopic (absorbs moisture), it gives a feeling of coolness, which is especially important because it helps to breathe freely. Silk fabric is also hypoallergenic, does not cause redness and other skin problems. In addition, thanks to its high permeability, silk allows the skin to breathe and also has high resistance to mites and mold, which is why silk mask is an ideal proposition for people with asthma and allergy sufferers. The mask made of natural silk is thin, light, soft and delicate and pleasant to the touch, so it guarantees comfort. In addition, it is also elegant and stylish, making it an interesting addition to any styling. It will work as a mask for the summer as well as a mask for the winter - thanks to the ability to thermoregulate - gives a feeling of coolness in the heat without causing sweating of the skin and pleasantly warms at low temperatures. In addition, having hypoallergenic and antifungal properties provides long-term protection against viruses and, importantly, reusable – it can be washed and ironed. It is also an excellent solution for people who do their job in masks - it allows the skin to breathe and function freely for up to 8 hours of work.