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History with silk thread woven

"Silk was invented so that women could walk naked in dresses" - Arabian proverb

If we believe in destiny, silk was intended for our company. How else can you explain that its headquarters is just at 1 Jedwabna Street in Milanówek - in the capital of Polish silk and right in front of the former Natural Silk Factory. It was the first silk factory in Europe, operating until the mid-1990s.

Not only is the location symbolic here. The founder of Luma Milanówek,  devoted his almost entire professional life to silk. Some have a passion for travel or music, but he has passion just for this luxurious fabric. Over the years, he explored the secrets of production, the history of silk, talked to people who worked their whole lives in a factory called simply "Silk" by them. All this from the desire to revive the former glory of silk in Milanówek. Silk production was inscribed not only in the history of this city, but also the fate of individual people. Milanowianie's generations bent over ultra-thin threads of silk. Their fingers will not mistake them for anything else.

Silk is a luxury good, and therefore not for everyone. For centuries it was almost a cult, dressing the mighty of this world. It creates such fabrics as satin, twill, crepe, georgette, jacquard, habotai. Nature creates the most beautiful works and silk is the proof. It is not without reason that the Chinese have kept the secret of obtaining silk threads for 2000 years. The death penalty was waiting for the one who would dare to reveal it. Because silk gave them wealth.

The renaissance of silk industry in Poland continues.

 The history of silk in Poland began well after regaining independence in 1918. And although silk has not been produced in Poland for 25 years, it is close to our culture and tradition, and we want to supply it to the most demanding customers. We work with many offices, ministries and Polish embassies around the world, providing them with a traditional Polish hand-made silk product - scarf or shawl. 2019 is the year of Moniuszko. On this occasion, a scarf and shawl with elements of staff from the song "Prząśniczki" by Stanisław Moniuszko will appear in our offer. This text talks about spinning a silk thread. The next thoroughly Polish project is dedicated to Chopin, whose heart during the war was hidden in the church of Saint Jadwiga (Hedvig) in Milanówek.

We cultivate the traditions of our ancestors, referring with respect to their practices, which became the meaning of life. We have a sense of responsibility for what we are launching on the market and we are proud of it. Our clients can be sure that they receive an absolutely noble, full-value and unique product. The great role of the artists, whose manual work and creativity are reflected in the emerging scarves and shawls. It is connected again with the old tradition, when silk was the basis for painting, especially in oriental art.

We refer to the tab describing the fascinating history of silk. You will learn a lot of  interesting things there, especially about the role that Milanówek played in the silk past.

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