• Silk Music Collection - F. Chopin and S. Moniuszko

It was created to honor great composers.


Stanislaw Moniuszko





Not only music lovers, but every patriot in love with Polishness, will appreciate the unusual pattern of a scarlet dedicated to the father of Polish opera – Stanisław Moniuszka. It is no coincidence that she has just appeared in our studio right now. The Senate of the Republic of Poland and UNESCO have established 2019 as the Year of Stanislaw Moniuszka. Poles celebrate the 200th anniversary of his birth on May 5th in different ways. We decided the best we could – the creation of a unique scarves from the most precious silk. After all, in the most famous song of Moniuszka "Prism", there is a passage about a silk thread. Well known to Poles, he broke into our identity.

A limited pattern of musical scarves we want to add a brick to the celebration of the Moniuszkowski Year. Exclusive silk scarf will be a testimony that we remember and care about the most beautiful things in Polish culture.

It was thanks to Stanisław Moniuszka that songs written in Polish went to salons and then to thatched ones. He skillfully combined Polish folklore with elements of European opera. The libretto introduced by him in Polish allowed to better understand and love opera art.

From musical appeals: a beautiful example of how much Stanislaw Moniuszko continues to influence our culture is published by Włodek Pawlik, a world-class jazz pianist and Grammy winner, the album "Pawlik/Moniuszko: Polish Jazz". Of course, there was a place for "Prism" for jazz. We are close to this album for musical, thematic, but also "neighbourly" reasons. Pawlik lives in Podków Forest, which, like our Milanówek and Brwinów, belongs to the Podwarszów City of Gardens.


Scarves available in dimensions 85x85 cm, 67x67 cm, 55x55 cm.


For this we offer men's sheaths and women's scarves 170x45 cm.


Frederic Chopin




Polonaise Op. 53"


In the edition of our musical scarves made of exclusive silk, in addition to Stanisław Moniuszka, another brilliant composer – Fryderyk Chopin – takes the top spot. We put on the scarf and shawl the melodic line Polonaise Op. 53 and a copy of the composer's own signature.

"The Warsaw native, the heart of the Pole, and the talent of the citizen world" – we remember this famous obituary by Cyprian Kamil Norwid.


True, Chopin gave his heart to Poland. Eventually, she rested in St. Peter's Church. cross in Warsaw. What is extremely poignant, his heart in a literal sense – the national holiness of Poles, was hidden during the war in our Milanówek, on the rectory of the parish of St. Hedwig. They were stored in a glass vessel in a black box and a wooden box.

"Warsaw was on fire, Warsaw was fighting, and here in Milanówek silence ... and sometimes poles and Germans came to bow to Chopin's heart... It was also sometimes that someone played his music on the piano. And this terrible contrast..., there is the tragedy of Warsaw, and here the silence of Milanówka and Chopin, and his heart." (words of Fr. Bishop Modzelewski during the solemn Mass on the day of the dedication of the memorial plaque on October 19, 1986).

Chopin finds a special place in the national identity of Polish city, but also Milanówka individually, imprinting directly his mark in this city. He was also born nearby - in Żelazowa Wola, just 40 km from Milanówka.


In our range of music scarves you will find products measuring 85x85 cm, 67x67 cm, 55x55 cm.

In addition, men's coats and women's scarves 170x45 cm.