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Silk scarves. Printed.

A silk scarf is more than just a piece of fabric tied around the neck. It is a symbol of elegance that appeared in the women's wardrobe in the 1920s. The first natural silk factory in Europe was created in Milanówek in 1924.

Skillfully selected scarf can turn everyday outfit into a stylish set. A silky scarf with a subtle pattern, enriches a simple cardigan or a white shirt, it will add a glow to the "little black" and emphasize the exquisite workmanship. It is extremely feminine, tasteful and flirtatious. Silk strokes the delicate skin of the neck, wrapping it softly with luxury. With such a dress finish, everyday life gains a festive glow. Italian women, French women or Polish women - women dressed best in the world know how much this small addition to the outfit means. Because the secret of style is in detail.