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Women's belts

Every woman should have a few fashionable belts in her wardrobe, with which she will tie trousers, a dress or a tunic. With such a belt, it is much easier to take care of the neat appearance of the outfit, which is why it is used practically for most everyday outfits. That is why we offer you fashionable and durable women's beltsin many different designs, so that you can easily find something for yourself. Women's belts for trousers, dresses, tunics   Trousers, skirt, tunic – tie them well with a fashionable belt. Preferably one that is made of high quality material, in a properly selected color. At Luma Milanówek we have a wide selection of elegant straps for you, which are very carefully sewn by experienced leatherworkers. To meet your expectations, we have prepared an offer in which you will find many different designs and colors. Thanks to this, you can easily choose something for yourself and your styling.