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Beautiful silk scarf with a floral pattern - hand-painted.

Painted on a thicker silk crepe.

Pattern and staining made with time-consuming technique ensuring exceptional color saturation.

All invented and made by our painters in Milanówek.

Each scarf have a unique pattern.

Each product is packed in an elegant gift box with company logo.


Material: 100% Silk (Pure Silk)

Fabric: Silk Crepe

Size: 70 x 70 cm

Made in Poland

Hand wash at 30 degrees using only fabric softener.


The specificity of photos and hand painting.

Each of our hand-painted products is unique and different from the original, which is visible in the picture. When ordering, please be aware that the scarf or shawl supplied may differ slightly from the one in the picture. The perception of colors is influenced by the settings, among others contrast and brightness of the monitor as well as the intensity and color of the light in which we take a photo of silk products. Finally, the reproduction of floristic or geometric patterns is never done on the basis of a template. Each line is unique, each flower is different, and the number of elements is not always the same on the same model. Please consider the specifics of the "hand made" product implementation process and accept minor deviations.

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